During the long, hot days of a WA Summer it is easy to focus on the negative…

The flies! Sweating. Dusty. Hot cars. Sunburn. Did I mention the flies?

Do you take the time to find things to be thankful for? Not always? Me neither.

And yet today I found myself thinking of winter gardens elsewhere in the world. The gloomy depression that can settle within us from a lack of sunlight.

Instead of the bad this inspired a different perspective. An opportunity to share some brightness from our part of the world to yours.

From Western Australia with love.

More Verticordia (feather flowers). These made me laugh because they were covered in bees and down the road was a honey farm called “Bee Happy”. Appropriate somehow 😊

Cannot get enough of this gorgeous yellow!
Tamarix aphylla. Ok so it is a weed here. But this was in a city garden not a rural area. So pretty.

Christmas is almost here! This is a WA Christmas tree. Nuytsia floribunda. Some are in full bloom but this one is still on it’s way. To me this semi parastic tree means Christmas.
Grasstree (Xanthorrhea preissii) in flower. During the heat of day these flower spikes are covered in butterflies and bees on our block).
And the Everlastings ❤ These seem to pop up everwhere on our block. They are rough and papery to touch.

13 thoughts on “A little colour to lift the spirits.

  1. Ok…. so let’s just start here – YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING! I remember when you first started, and now look at you! You’ve already got followers, and are getting likes on your posts

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    1. Awww my ego is swelling. Brain will explode haha. Lucky for me WordPress is full of garden lovers and kindred spirits 😊. No matter what I will remember you were the very first to show me I wasn’t just waffling to myself by clicking follow. Thank you 🌸.

      Most importantly… I had better get off my bum and check out what new posts you have. I look forward to the pictures/gifs you add they are always awesome.

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  2. Lovely to have everlasting daisies popping up everywhere. I’ve tried to grow them from seed without any luck! Such a cheerful post, Nat.

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  3. Wow, the colour and display of the Verticordia is AMAZING! Never heard of it before. I’m familiar with Tamarisk which I see in some gardens here in spring. I can never see too many grass tree photos – what an amazing tree that is! And the everlastings are so charming! Fabulous post Nat!

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    1. Thanks Maureen 😊 hope your eyesight is on the mend after your surgery. It was so reassuring to hear what cataract surgery is truly like. Perhaps soon you’ll be able to enjoy the photos on all the blogs crystal clear ❤


  4. I have no idea what those flowers are, but they sure are pretty. . . . and compelling. I do not see many flowers that I can not identify. Winter is not very gloomy for us because we are so happy with the rain. It will be clear for the next several days, but things are wet and muddy outside. It is so rad.

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      1. But these are some that I can NOT identify! I recognize only the tamarix and the grass tree, but would be hesitant to identify them precisely. That was one of the many pleasures about going to Oklahoma; not knowing what the flora was! It was so weird and rad and compelling!

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