Even when you are in the grip of depression, there can be moments of light.

These are the moments I cling to, cherish and want to share with the world.

To remind myself and perhaps even one person reading that living is worth the effort.

Recently driving home from work I stopped to investigate a curious object on the road…

A Thorny Devil!

Thankful for the gloves in my work bag, I scooped him (or her) up from the road where sunbaking was going to mean being squished for sure and moved to a safer spot.

Although native to Australia and apparently plentiful, I have only seen a Thorny Devil once before in my life… Behind glass in captivity. This meeting was a pleasure and blessing.

I took photos and videos to share with my children. Miss 4 decided this gentle lizard would be christened “Super Hero Lizard” because in her mind the vibrant camouflage colouring was a costume. In this moment her enthusiasm and joy was infectious and I basked in it.

So to anyone reading I would like to offer you a thought.

When depression has you gripped tight and you can’t seem to think of a reason to want to live perhaps you can borrow my reason…

Because there will always be moments that you will not want to have missed.

It doesn’t matter if the moment is huge and momentous or something smaller like simply rescuing a lizard and feeling happy.

What is important is the knowledge that even if the black dog is telling you it is hopeless and pointless to live that is a lie.

Tomorrow you could feel joy for a moment. That is worth living for.

12 thoughts on “A rare visit from the good kind of Devil reminds me there is always a reason to live.

  1. This is God send. I know when I was hopeless a ladybug came to my rescue which I posted somewhere in my blog. This post is worth sharing and reading.

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    1. Thank you all for your replies and enthusiasm. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and reply.

      Perpetua… I will look for your ladybug post it sounds like something I will enjoy.

      Maureen… I am glad to be back online. I missed a few of your recent posts and they have helped me a lot. Thanks.

      Fred and Liz and Ali… thank you as always for your replies. I love taking photos so it is nice when other people enjoy them too.

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      1. Thank you. What a beautiful post. I’m glad that in such a dark moment for you that you were given the sign you needed.


  2. Nat, what a fabulous blog post. I love your photos of the thorny devil. I have never seen one but will be on the lookout from now on. Thank you for making the connection between your encounter with the thorny devil and depression. Good to see you posting.

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