Yesterday brought with it two surprises and my black dog (depression).

Returning from work hubby led me blindfolded down the driveway to our new home.

My heart raced. I froze and just stared. He had taken the dream in my head and made a start on bringing it to life.

I was blissfully happy.

Then our five year old son got home and told us about his bus ride.

A crescent shaped cut in his ear. A fingernail. He reluctantly told us about being slapped, bitten and scratched by older kids.

He is five years old! Our kids are the only littlies on this private bus to a school which prides itself on virtues. And not one of the young adults said a word or stepped in or even alerted the driver.

My heart broke the moment he defended the teens. “It’s ok Mum maybe tomorrow they will be my friends again”.

How do you feel hope for the future when you have to destroy a child’s naievity to keep him safe?

The black dog has set up it’s kennel in my mind and in my head it is red.

10 thoughts on “A red house and blood on a child’s ear… What do you do when depression takes over?

    1. Yep. Hubby wrote an email documenting what our son said as soon as we found out and said we would be there first thing to make sure this is dealt with firmly and swiftly. Thankfully they were just as furious.


  1. So sorry for your little boy. Can you transform the energy into action to speak to the school, reminding them it prides itself on virtues?

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    1. That is exactly the approach we took with the school. It was sad that only a week ago I was planning a note praising some of the older students for showing the virtues of the school in the playground behaviour. And now we see this. I suppose there are all kinds of people. Thank you for your reply.

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