I have to laugh. Bitterly almost. Have been in a bit of a hole again and thought I had found some footholds to climb out (blogging even if I haven’t told a single person in my life I am).

But today it feels like bullshit.

I dragged myself out of bed and took Miss 3 and Mr 4 to Whiteman Park.


It is natural bush that was given to the WA government on the proviso it was used as a park and as a bonus there is a playground my kids go batty for.

But (hate that word)… Even the sun and the Eucalypts and the smell of the sausages and BBQs didn’t reach in and touch me today.

But I found a blog that did. Today I needed colour and found it here..


This time of year is dull here. Everything scorched after the bloody hot summer and not a lot of rain to speak of yet. But this blog reminded me to go and sit outside while the kids bounce on the trampoline and try again. So I’ll try again.

Neighbour’s hibiscus peeking over the fence. I love red flowers. My son picks them when he is on the trampoline.
Laying on the grass to see the world from a different perspective.
Some therapy kind of class told me once to watch and really LOOK. Mindfulness 101. Unfortunately I think you have to be open and non judgemental or it won’t work. I just feel tired and angry. 

Hmm maybe in order to be allowed to be mindful in the garden I need time to myself. The dog keeps jumping over me and both kids took me resting on the grass as an invitation to jump in and crush my spine. Arrrrgh.

It was worth a shot though. Feeling irritated and annoyed is better than feeling nothing 😊.

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