Oh my goodness.

I have to copy the whole entire post. And put it right here for myself.

I want to read it again and again. My equivalent of sticking something on the fridge to read every day.

Why until now had I not looked into the world of blogging? So much LIFE out there just waiting to be heard.

I joined the BeyondBlue online forums over a year ago to connect with others who understand mental illness and listen without judgement.

The written word is beautiful and it has helped me enormously but there is something also powerful about images and photos and owning who you are without needing to be anonymous.

These words are poetry. But moreso I love the fact that they are written by a suicide survivor. Imagine if the opportunity to read these words had been lost!

You are simply you. You are the soul that observes what both your brain and your mind is doing at the present moment. You are the soul that goes by with your name. The feelings that you are feeling right now are not you. Just like the thoughts you are having—they’re inherently empty for they are not […]

via You Are Not Your Mental Illness, You Are Your Soul — Lonely Blue Boy

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