My friend’s gardens are this plant lover’s paradise. What can I divide? What can I take cuttings of? All the joy of new plants and absolutely free.


Free is the requirement at the moment. We’re renting while we build at the block. Unfortunately I thought that meant maintaining someone else’s garden and no real work to do to keep my black dog busy. Hoorah for run down old rentals and gardens in need of TLC! Too bad if they don’t like my changes 😂.

I divided some dianellas and rhoeos from my friend’s house. And cut off a few pups from an established agave at the rental. And voila… Plants where there was a patch of bare soil.

20180427_175606_HDR.jpgThankfully the soil is decent here not the gutless Perth sand I’m used to.

Best of all… WORK. Nothing beats a shovel and digging to escape the demons in my head. Sun and fresh air and a little physical work while the kids made a fort in the trailer.

Note: Wolf spider bites hurt! Not poisonous but OUCH!

Apparently this area is a wolf spider haven. When I was planting they were everywhere and one decided my knee was fair game. Bleh. Wear jeans next time spider woman. Lucky it wasn’t a redback.

Spoke to a children’s nurse today (through the psychiatrist’s office) and she mentioned the “hour of power”. All parents need minimum one hour EVERY DAY to recharge. Even more important if you have a mental illness. She suggested putting the kids in the creche at the gym or pool to do some physical work.

Now if only there was a community garden to work in which had a creche. THAT would be gold for me.

For now my temporary garden here will have to do 😊.

Arrrgh in great need of some love and hard work.
Work begins around the mailbox. When we leave this rental the owners will either be pissed or pleased. Either way I don’t care as long as I’m alive.

Next stop will be my friend who has lots of Yukkas and Dracaenas. Ooh and maybe a couple of Frangipanni branches to dry out over winter ready to plant in spring.

Take that depression… Get back in your box and let the crazy plant lady CREATE!

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