Orchids! Sundews! Leschenaultia! The wildflowers of Western Australia are starting to bloom.

Be still my heart. ❤

White Caladenia orchid

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I need distraction and gentle exercise. Fresh air and all the colours of the rainbow.

Donkey Orchid

Bushwalking at a snail pace to hunt for native orchids and treasures emerging is a balm to my soul (and the very very sore joints).

Enough words… Time to just look and enjoy.

I hope these flowers from my block of land in WA make you feel as good as they make me feel.

Chorizema sp.
Climbing Fringe Lily
Purple Caladenia
Cowslip orchid
Wheel Sundews… Not long now and these will have tiny orange flowers 😊

I just want to share photo after photo. These flowers are small but oh so beautiful and there are more photos to come. Watch this space 🌸.

Stackhousia sp.


18 thoughts on “Wildflower season begins! Otherwise known as managing depression and pain with gentle walking and a huge dose of gorgeousness.

    1. Hehe thanks Ali. Ooh guess what? I now have two roses! I know. This time last year I wasn’t keen. Tiffany HT climbing roses to go in my little flower garden below the shed. Such a lovely pink!


  1. They’re just fabulous, Nat, such wonderful shapes and colours. I’ve read so much about your wildflowers season over there and would love, one day to see it. I’m happy to see you onblog again, been wondering how you’re faring. Flowers are balm for the soul, aren’t they.

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    1. Hi Jane! I saw you have finally got some rain your way! That is great news. Wildflower season here is lovely. I’ll have to do lots of posts to keep up 😊


  2. I rarely get an opportunity to use the word exquisite, but thanks to your pictures of those wildflowers I can today. They’re exquisite. Good to see you back.

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    1. Thank you. The replies you’ve sent lately have been so positive and supportive. I have appreciated it. By the way do you still have a blog? I got a deleted blog message.

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      1. All Sixes on Saturdays so far. It should still be there. Hang on, I did accidently post one I’d just started on Friday (instead of saving it) and immediately deleted it and started again.


    1. Thanks Maureen. I saw a post about Bridgetown on the reader but for some reason couldn’t find the post. Bridgie is where my family are from so I was hoping to read it if you still have it?


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