Hello fellow garden lovers!

I’ve been following The Propagator’s “Six on Saturday” for a little while now and have been loving seeing all of your photos.


So here are my 6… fresh from Western Australia.

1. New recycled ‘seats’. I almost cried when I saw these cut up for garden waste clean up in the city. Who in their right mind cuts down an old Moreton Bay Fig?! No way were these babies getting chipped. Three trailers later and help lifting and I have new seating for the garden.


2. My Goji berry bush has SURVIVED 😊. grown from Aussie organic berries from a health food shop (means they weren’t irradiated and would grow, Biosecurity treat a lot of imported foods).

I had lots of plants but the kangaroos and rabbits loved them to death. But this one is coming back! Hooray!


3. The experiment that wasn’t supposed to live. Black Sapote. Still living in above 40 degree celcius summers and frosty winters. Huh. That’s cool. Would be twice the size but my kids snapped it in half.


4. The second time the paintbrush lily has flowered at the block. So pretty.


5. The pineapple collection. I love as it gets cool the leaves turn a gorgeous red. Not the right climate for fruit but they have survived frost here and are pretty anyway. All grown from the tops after my kids demolish the fruit.


6. A WA bush block is never complete without grasstrees. This one is my favourite because when you walk close you can smell the honey in the beehive.


Thank you for reading my 6. I look forward to reading and gardening vicariously through yours.



16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    1. Thank you so much for having a look. I will have to take a photo of the blood lilies too. They look the same but a gorgeous deep red. My kids call them tongue plants (once the flowers die they have giant green tongue leaves). The white ones are Haemanthus albiflos from southern Africa.


    1. Us Aussies have got to up our game in the gardening stakes (ah sorry that cracked me up even if the pun was unintended). I absolutely LOVE the colouring of your snow pear! Glorious. How far under your rainfall targets are you this year so far? We’ve only just got our first rain yesterday and it is almost Winter!


      1. Ha ha, yes. But rain or lack thereof isnt a laughing matter. We’ve had about a third of our average and it’s been very hot as well. We’ve none forecast in the near future either.

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  1. A third. Bloody hell that is not a laughing matter at ALL.

    My Dad was saying recently if we didn’t get rain soon his germinated crops would fail. We were lucky.

    Sending my hopes for rain your way!


    1. Thanks 😊 it is too cold at the block for the pineapples to fruit (we’ve been told) but they were a free experiment anyway and have survived the frost last winter. Fingers crossed they live just for the lovely shape and colour. I always like peering at your SOS.

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    1. Hehe yep dry is the usual here. We’ve only just started getting rain and it is the end of autumn here. I love your blog by the way. It was such a shame your ceanothus failed. My propagation is far less creative! Thank you for the warm welcome to six on sat. I’m so envious of all the green photos 😊


  2. I only just reached the bottom of The Propagator’s comments to find your link. Great to have another Aussie on board. I was in Australia (Queensland) a few months ago, bit north of Brisbane. They grow vast areas of pineapples there but it was mango season so we had more of them. Spoiled for choice. I bought Haemanthus albiflos at a plant sale the weekend before last, I’m hoping for great things though it will never go in the ground.

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    1. Thanks for the lovely welcome. I’ve got my training wheels on 😊 next time I’ll get the link sorted. I’ll have to check out your blog asap. Are you planning on keeping your Haemanthus albiflos in pots instead? My Nan grows them in an old wheelbarrow with drainage holes. They seem to love it. Can you grow Mangoes where you are?


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