I want the world to read this. This is my little attempt at sharing seeing as I don’t use social media. Anyone who reads and does use other platforms would you please consider sharing?

It’s 2018 and the stigma surrounding mental illness is still alive and strong.

Around the Ward in 80 days


Dear Ms Frostrup,

My name is Ida Väisänen. I’m writing this blog post as a response to your column ‘Dear Mariella’, on the Guardian’s website which was titled ‘My husband recently killed himself and I can’t face being on my own’, published 20th of May 2018.

For context, I will copy in the exact question posted by a lady who had recently lost her husband to suicide.

“It’s only been a few weeks since my husband took his own life, but now the reality is starting to sink in and I feel completely overwhelmed by fear about what the future holds. I’m nearly 40, no children, and was with my husband since I was a teenager. He was my first real boyfriend and my best friend, and his death came as a complete shock. Aside from feeling immense guilt about his death, I was already anxious about living and ageing…

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