Well thank you whoever in government introduced BALs (bushfire assessment levels) into Western Australia… And yes you can replace the word thank with a choice one starting with F.

To those who don’t know this new law means if you’re building a new home in a bushfire prone area you have a choice… Either add 40 grand to the cost of your house in fire proofing… or watch as a machine clears your garden.

I’ve been quiet. My garden at the moment echoes how I feel.

Empty. Like me.

20180520_153045_HDRI kept what I could. We’ll probably still have to pay for fireproofing. I feel gutted. Practical brain says it is necessary as I don’t want to put my family or the firies at risk. But my trees! The shade!

My black dog is keeping me company lately. Sitting on my feet and chewing my legs out from under me.

I probably should end on a positive. Show new growth in the garden. Resilience. Trying again. Because it is there… At the block and within me.

The second ever paintbrush lily flower, first red pelargonium flower for the red/bright garden, mulberry cutting from our old home loving it’s new garden.

But THIS is the reality at the moment…

It will pass eventually.

gray timber wolf
Photo by Matej on Pexels.com

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