Do you ever see progress right in front of you but it feel like your moving backwards? That’s where I’m at. On the edge… Is it two steps back or a giant slide back down into the pit?


So today I’m showing off my succulent garden. In all it’s unpolished and unfinished succulenty glory. For me. To remind myself I am going to be ok.

It doesn’t matter if like my garden I am a work in progress. Sometimes awkward and rough and unpolished is lovely in it’s own way.

may 2018 download 1125

So here goes. A tour of the work in progress šŸ˜Š

20180506_115433_HDR20180509_114838_HDRmay 2018 download 1122

This area was where the machine piled the cleared scrub for the house and shed area. Last winter we burned it (except for the stubborn remnants of a tree in the far left). And I noticed it left a lovely semi circle area with rocks at the boundary. So began the idea for the succulent garden. A semi circle gravel area for a table and chairs or maybe a swing surrounded by a dry stacked coffee rock wall with a mass of succulent (and other plants I like) on the other side.

Most of the plants are scavenged. From roadsides or friend’s gardens. But that’s my favourite part. Growing them up for their new home.

Yuccas, Euphorbias, Aloes, Orbeas, Kalachoes from cuttings. I even found a needle Agave growing near our old house in garden waste someone had dumped in the bush. I am a bit of a scab when it comes to finding plant treasures. My favourite experiment was the tiny little piece of Euphorbia tirucalli I picked up at the Zoo. Popped it in a pot of sand and it didn’t look back. Can’t wait to see if it survives the block.

I do have three gifts. Two peppy trees (Agonis Flexuosa “Lemon and Lime”) which are a lovely bright green. And my favourite… Kleinia “trident” which I was given because some of the proceeds go to beyondblue and anyone who knows me knows BB is close to my heart and has kept me alive.

may 2018 download 1124tridentblue-small

Isn’t he beautiful! I’ve alternated the Kleinia with Sedum “Gold Mound”. The yellow and grey will look fabulous one day.

Which brings me to my idea for the front of the succulent garden. I’ve grown many Jacaranda trees from seed and plan to run them all the way down the hill. Closer to the fence I’ve planted some Hardenbergia for extra purple.

The very first Jacaranda between the house block and the succulent garden. Many more to come.

It’s a long term dream. But one day I hope for a garden full of colour.

Even on a low day like today when I can’t quite see progress in myself. It is still there. Just like my garden I have to be patient and keep trying and working and experimenting.

It will be ok. One day.

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