When my depression hits hard it is easy to stop caring.

Get out of bed? What for?

Start the day? No thanks.

So I aim small. Go outside. Make a cup of tea and go sit in the sun. Just wander. Look and maybe water the pots.

Smoke at the start of burning season. Worth sitting outside for.

My husband would struggle to get me to leave the house so he started encouraging me to collect seeds and cuttings on our walks. Bribery. Leave the house and go hunting.

We would put little miss in her pram and collect as we walked. Ooh a Jacaranda seed pod. And a kurrajong seed pod here. Our toddler son would scan below verge trees for seeds.

Sandalwood seedling. I cracked the seeds in a vice before planting. Have planted next to Acacias as I read they need a host plant. Not sure this is correct.
may 2018 download 1137
Tipuana tipu seed grown

My experimental project gave me purpose where I had none. Hubby collected plastic pots from a bin near his work. I washed them and began to experiment. It cost nothing but gave so much in return.

Garden experiments kept me alive.

Seed grown Jacaranda 2 years old. Survived the frost and 40+ degree summers with water once a week.

My father in law showed me how to snip the end off a mango seed to grow.

Mango grown from seed. New experiment to see if it can survive a frost planted against a sea container to keep warm.

It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. To grow plants from cuttings and seeds for our 5 acres.

Watching as a cutting develops new shoots gives me hope.

Seeing a plant survive where it probably shouldn’t facinates me.

Why would I want to die when I have a massive project to spend my life experimenting with?

My favourite success of all has been our Moreton Bay Fig trees. We climbed old trees to scoop a few tiny seedlings out of crevices in branches.Β  I have nurtured them.

Of all my plants these give me the most hope for my future. Why? Because they are long lived. Even though they won’t be massive in my lifetime I want to live to see them grow and change.

may 2018 download 1132
Moreton Bay Fig. My baby ❀. Same age as my son and a constant reminder I have things to live for.

The three we planted are the same age as our son (he is now 4). They remind me constantly of my children. To try and try and try again because I want (like the trees) to be around to see them grow.

What do you do to cultivate hope and curiousity in your life?

3 thoughts on “Cultivating curiousity and hope in the garden and the mind.

  1. I love this. I’ve recently started gardening and it reminds me of reading The Secret Garden when I was a kid. I longed for a place to go a hide like that. Now seeing and making things grow. Watching the process…it really makes you slow down a appreciate everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi again Dena 😊

      Oh! I loved that book too! Recently I read my 3 year old a picture book version (talk about coincidence 😊).

      What does your secret garden look like? Maybe you’ll enjoy showing the progress on your blog too?


    2. Huh and I just read your blog and saw the photos for myself. So lovely.

      I hope next week you have a self care plan to keep busy on the anniversary. Maybe a nursery run and a new garden bed to comfort yourself?

      Take good care of yourself please ❀


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