Searching for peace? Then now is the time to stop and hunt for wildflowers.

Tiny white fairy orchid, small but so beautiful.

It is almost spring here in Western Australia and that means wildflower season has begun.

Once the weather warms up a little more that means the fields of everlasting daisies and showy wildflowers inevitably bring tourists.

But for now it is quiet in the bush, the way I love best.

Pure bliss! Especially for an overwhelmed mind. There is something healing about treading carefully. Watching where you step. Small steps. Scanning the ground for spots of colour. Slowly, gently.

Enough from me… just wanted to share the treasures I found nearby.

If anyone wants to show their local flowers feel free to add your link in the comments. I’d love to see more wildflowers from around the world.

The blue leschenaultia is just starting to flower on our block