Woohoo! It is Blood Lilly time again here in Western Australia.

The bright red is a bit of light in my day. Even the black dog can’t ignore how happy and beautiful they are.

It isn’t just the pretty things that help remind us to keep trying either. How about a challenge? Something to keep you distracted and busy and break into those unhelpful thoughts… Plant identification.

Can anyone help? This one isn’t something I’m familiar with. Perhaps a Barleria?

Then there are the things that make you laugh. A friend once told me that in deepest despair and the depths of depression something made him laugh. It was a massive discovery. To be capable of laughter is a sign hope exists.

This discovery cracked me up…

Nothing says Australian like an old Ute carrying steel kangaroos complete with cutout weapons and topped off with our beloved flag. Perfect!

And finally a little closer to my heart were these

Drawings for Mother’s Day which remind me I am needed and cared for. Don’t you just love the gigantic lips ๐Ÿ˜‚!?

Joy and love and laughter and beauty. Things that make life well worth wading through the dark times for.

10 thoughts on “Sharing pictures that have managed to bring joy (regardless of depression)

  1. Wonderful post Nat.. the blood lily is incredible, poking up out of the bare ground like it does. Very, very aussie humour! And what a bright, colourful mum, love how the kids picture you – impressive!

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  2. The blood lily is just amazing, Nat. The way it seems to grow out of nowhere is most intriguing. Iโ€™ve never heard of them before, but see they are a bulb, so perhaps they might grow here. Your childrenโ€™s pics of you are delightful…so sweet.

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    1. Sorry my reply is so late Jane. Yes they should grow in your area I think. They’re from South Africa origins I’m pretty sure. After they flower you get big floppy leaves. In the heat of summer here they get scorched and die off but keep coming back year after year.


    1. A belated thank you Maureen. It has been a bit rough lately so it is nice to hear you enjoyed the photos. I hope you’re well ๐Ÿ˜Š


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