Well it is finally happening!

It has been a long four year wait to begin building our home. By February we will move to our home.

And oh how my heart has longed for this day.

I’ve always believed some people (like my Dad and like me) need a connection with our environment. A piece of earth to set root and belong. Since leaving home I have been adrift. Home has been with my husband and children but the city is not a healthy place for me.

Driving to our block (5 acres in wheatbelt Western Australia) my black dog curiously curls up for a time and sleeps.

Opening the gates I come home to my garden and sanctuary.

Steel frame home. Simple. We have 5 acres of garden… Why would I want to be indoors?

The frog pond we dug and cemented is taking shape. The citrus are settling in and snapdragons and stattice are keeping the bees busy.

The plants hubby and I have propagated and gotten through long scorching summers. Jacarandas and Brachychiton (Flame trees) will one day flower at the same time. A mass of purple and red.

Mostly trees to cope with extreme heat and our long dry summers.

The youngest of five Moreton Bay Fig trees ❤. I like to plant for the future. One day when my future grandkids are old there will be 5 magnificent fig trees surrounding the property. Planted far from the house these have been handwatered and fenced to keep the roos away and are absolutely thriving.

Others build the house first but we’ve had no choice but to wait so our garden has come first.

I prefer it. The windows frame views I have imagined for years.

Right now I am chaos personified. Exhausted.

But the views make it worth the wait. Help me keep patient but also hopeful. Now we know where the septics will go I can plant my next orchard.

A blank canvas… Waiting for TREES 😍

Soon. Be patient Nat.

I will get to wake up and walk outside into the garden I love best. It’s not fancy. But it is home.

Szarik gets to come for a visit. He saw a roo and took off like a pup. The roo cleared the fence to his disgust and our relief.

9 thoughts on “Home is where my heart (and garden) is ❤

  1. Looks wonnderful, Nat. The house is perfect for the block and for you. Congratulations. I look forward to reading about you adventures as you move, settle in and grow with yoour new place. Are you far from aa town?

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  2. How exciting, l loved when l moved into my home. We all need a place to call home. Can’t wait to see you move in and have new adventures in your garden.

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  3. I’m so happy for you Nat. Your new home is in a most beautiful spot with its views and sunsets. I’m reminded so much of when we bought our 30 acres near Mudgee and had a house built there. It was the most exciting thing to drive up from Sydney every weekend (which we did for five years until we moved there permanently) and see how our garden and olive trees were progressing. We never tired of it. It sounds as though you’re feeling so much the same. Yours is already a special place, and when those trees get up- wow!

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