A belated hello to you all.

My black dog has been snapping persistently at my heels.

And yet the process of documenting the wildflowers out this year has helped me.

Red and Green Kangaroo Paw. Our state emblem. People say difficult to grow but I have three thriving at my block. They do well with neglect and dividing once clumping.

Ants on a Grevillea
Fringe Lilly! The one I photographed at my block was a climbing species and much smaller than this one.
My favourite Verticordia. A sea of yellow on sandy soils. Going to the coast this is everywhere.

On bad days Miss 3 and I head off in the car and stop whenever a splash of colour catches my eye.

Mulla Mulla at home

Scaevola sp. Love love love purple Scaevolas although pink and white are available too.
Flower from a pinwheel Sundew. I had promised a photo and here is the orange I adore. In the heat of the day these all open up and it is a carpet of tiny orange flowers.

I could go on and on.

There is something peaceful about walking off into the bush and taking photos that gives me peace.

Thank you to everyone who gave me a warm welcome back and kind messages.

I hope you feel inspired to spend your weekend flower hunting too 😊.

❀ Nat

11 thoughts on “M.I.A: but still collecting wildflowers

  1. Mulla mulla is becoming more available in nurseries here. I do not know what to think of it. We just met recently. I think it has been popular in other regions for a while. Australian seem to know all about it.

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  2. It is good to see you back on my WP reader. Your photos are stunning.
    I heard something on the radio yesterday about why someone loves to hug trees. She said it is a living thing that makes no demands. Everything else she loves needs something from her. I think wildflowers are the same. They give so much and do so freely.

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    1. Thanks Maureen ❀. I’ll get there eventually… Am learning I’m a tough one 😊. It is good to be back reading. I saw your post about York… Love the buildings there. We looked at York initially but went Toodyay way instead.


  3. Love these colours, …so glad l found your blog, l see wild flowers all the time while bushwalking and always wanted to know the names. Now l can 😁 and l also know all about the black dog. xx

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    1. Hi Debs and thank you for reading and even more sharing your thoughts. I’m stoked I can help. My knowledge is far from complete but I have a friend who used to do environmental surveys who I can ask for help.

      Have you managed to leash your black dog? Hiking sounds like a good way to keep it distracted.


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