FR Berry Reserve. Just the name makes me smile. Actually being there eases every ache from my heart. This is my depression free place.

Once upon a time a couple found a book in an op shop. Family walks in the Perth Outdoors…

Ok that couple was hubby and I. But in my heart finding this book was the start of my fairytale.

Photo courtesy of DPAW.

Family Walks in Perth Outdoors

We come here multiple times a year. After the winter rains and at the start of spring are the best times to visit.

This is why…20180610_144253_HDR20180610_143838_HDR20180610_141436_HDRMost flowers aren’t out yet but little Miss 3 found a carpet of trigger flowers…20180610_141005_HDRAnd Mr 4 found some ‘rainbow’ sundew which took me right back to my fairytale.

20180610_141440_HDRSee the granite outcrop way up high in the top left of the photo? We trekked up there once with our dog and a backpack with a ‘picnic’. On top of the world hubby went to find me a piece of ‘rainbow’ and came back with the string of sticky flowers and a little box with a ring.

The flowers from a sundew… Nicknamed rainbow. It is sticky and as kids we would wrap it into crowns to wear.

Every story needs a twist… This memory has one too. After a picnic of sandwiches and chocolate cake (and lots of champagne!) we got lost in the bush! Two young lovers drunk and happy. In that moment we didn’t care less that we were lost in the bush because we were together.

At my worst, highly depressed and struggling to walk with an autoimmune arthritis I grieved this special place. I didn’t think I’d ever get to come back.

But here we are.


Our kids love it here too. I am reminded no matter how bad I feel there is always a place I can go where every step is a reminder of a happy memory.

Thank you for letting me share my favourite place in the world.

Do you have a place you can trust to make you feel safe and happy?




7 thoughts on “Slippery Dip Falls

  1. Thanks 😊 If you head towards Toodyay on Toodyay Road you turn left on Reen Road before Gidgegannup. Follow Reen road for about 20 mins and the entrance is on your left. It is really easy to miss the drive as the green sign is set back from the road. You don’t need a 4WD either. It’s a lovely walk.
    Are there any fabulous walks you love in Perth?


  2. Oh, this is so beautiful and what a wonderful story! This is the first time I’ve visited your blog and I nearly cried when I read how you’d thought you’d never come back here but you’ve made it. So happy for you that you have. Some day I might ask you if I can share this story and pictures on my blog Exploring Colour. I’m from Gore in Southland, New Zealand. I invite you to visit me at I found you via a comment you’d left on a blog about the Hershey Garden and I followed straight here to see your blog!

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    1. Hi Gore, of course you can share the story and pics. I’m flattered that you found your way here and want to share it. Thank you. I’ll have to check out your blog and find out more about what you like to write about. Can’t wait. Thanks again 😊. Nat

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the ‘follow’ Nat and I look forward to seeing more of you at my blog, and I’ll definitely be exploring more of yours! I write about lots of different things but a lot about plants, gardens and wildlife. I often feature other bloggers’ work as well as my own!

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  3. I’m enjoying your blog hugely! The photography just makes it. I can’t help but imagine how good Slippery Dip Falls would look in your photos. Coming to WA any time in the future?😊


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