Hooray it is Saturday!

Time to head on over to The Propagator’s blog and scour through the many beautiful gardens and sixes on offer. It is becoming something I really look forward to.


My six this week…

1. Pincushion Hakea at my son’s school. I’ve never really been a fan… Now I’ll have to pop over to Zanthorrea Nursery and get some for the block.


2. The Sundews are growing again! Only about the size of a thumbnail right now but by spring they will be flowering and even more lovely.


3. Acacia iteaphylla beginning to flower. This is the first year we have had flowers. They are 2 years old now.


4. Best wishes for survival to my mulberry which had to be transplanted (was growing where the new water tank is going). Hubby wants to hack it back but it was from a cutting so I’m not too worried. It will either live or it won’t.


5. Woohoo new leaves on the Macadamia. It seems to be settling in well here.


6. Mmmm 😊. Nothing says winter is here like the clover cover crop starting to grow. This is a mix of ‘dalkeith’ and ‘bindoon’ both subterranean clovers.


That’s my six. Thanks for checking them out. I can’t wait to see what others post.

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    1. Hmmm in future then I’ll wait for your six on sat. Don’t want to steal your thunder after all 😊. Ah yes I forgot if we are one of the first countries to celebrate new year it makes sense we’re early to the party here too 😂. Can’t wait to see your six too.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed them too. I had a great day stacking rocks for my frog pond so there will be more garden adventures and photos soon. Is gardening your cup of tea too?


  1. Except the mulberry, what a wonderfully alien set of plants, especially the sundew. Actually the most alien was marking the arrival of winter with the growth of subterranean clover, which has me totally flummoxed.

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    1. Hehe yes we’ve had a weird autumn. No rain. And now it’s winter and we’ve had some rain and cool nights but lovely warm days (20 to 25 degrees celsius). So I’m pretty sure the plants are just as confused as we are haha.

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  2. I love the hakea and have one growing in my garden: it’s not exactly the same as yours. Mine is a sea urchin hakea which has leathery leaves and can withstand frost. And the sundew…that’s a great photo. I wonder how frost hardy it would be?

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    1. Huh. I thought I had replied. I’m sorry. I heard you got a bit of rain. Any more forecast? I’ll have to google the sea urchin Hakea it sounds interesting. Oh and the sundews are native to here and seem to be ok with the frost. We are pretty high up and the frost settles downhill though.


  3. Do you have a photo of your sea urchin Hakea on your blog? It sounds interesting. The sundews are native to our area and come up everywhere they don’t seem to mind the frost curiously enough. Then again we’re high up so the frost tends to settle down the hill.


    1. Yep. “The Block” is our 5 acres of wandoo woodland with a cleared area for the house, shed and water tanks. It’s my work in progress 😊.


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