Whether you’re a professional gardener or trial and error enthusiast like me, we all have our plant disaster stories.

Right plant, wrong place?

Right place, weedy plant?

Trees mislabeled as shrubs?

And yet (for me at least) part of the joy and pleasure is the experiment.

We passed our old house recently and I found myself both laughing, smiling and feeling a little guilty.

I wondered what the new owners think of their white Bougainvillea hedge? Do they curse me for planting it?

Part of me knows the answer… They have the same love/hate relationship with it I did.

The lawn may have been neglected and yet the hedge is pruned hard as always. It is a pain in the bum and hard work but it was always a joy to see in bloom and worth the effort.

Will I repeat my error? Yeah probably… My in laws have already adopted the idea because they loved it.

This time I’ll plant my ‘bougs’ down the hill so I’m not endlessly sweeping the bracts from around the house. I still like the white though.

Do you have a plant mishap to share? If you could go back and try again what would you change?

4 thoughts on “The benefit of hindsight… Shall we learn from poor plant placement or just go for it yet again šŸ˜Š?

  1. Lots! The one I can see right now is the very pretty Japanese anemone ‘September Charm’ which has been trying to take over the garden ever since. (Last year’s drought set it back a bit but the effect won’t last long.) The flowers are lovely, though!

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    1. I haven’t grown anemones before but after hitting Google images to take a peek I’m sold šŸ˜Š. Especially now I know they will survive drought. Our Summers are long, dry and super hot so it helps to get new ideas. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

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      1. Nat, they do well here and our soil is very dry but in last year’s drought they did suffer and their flowers are smaller. Beware – they can spread a long way!

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