For anyone wondering… Yep I’m still alive… Just letting myself get lost in the garden for a while.

Words are escaping me lately. So I’ll go with pictures.

Arctosis “Hannah” starting to flower. Red is my favourite colour. Bright and cheerful. Our house will one day be painted red too. I want an explosion of colour. Bright. Cheerful. Happy. I want to look outside and feel warm always.

Driving to our block I saw a flash of RED. Miss 3 and I stopped and admired the first of the native pea flowers. I will find the name in time. It hit me this place is safe and home. Even the native flowers reach me within that dark place.

20180715_092443_HDRof my scarlet leschenaultia

It feels like a lifetime I’ve waited for my scarlet leschenaultia to bloom. And at last it is here! Beautiful.


Taking my kids to the river park I spotted this little beauty! I’ve never seen a mushroom like this!


Crown of thorns. The flower is small but one day it will be an impressive shrub.

Today my thoughts are caught up in a whirl of red flowers. Too busy to feek yuck within.

What is your favourite red flower?


11 thoughts on “If you need me check the garden (aka TLC for the depressed soul).

  1. Good to see you back, Nat. The photos are great. We used to have that little pea flower growing wild on our olive farm and it was always a cheery sight. I think bottlebrushes coming out in spring are just wonderful.

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  2. I missed you too, Nat. Red is my favourite colour. Tulips and dahlias and crocosmia are my favourite reds. At the moment my absolute favourite is the watermelon red of Dahlia ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

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  3. Hi Nat! Have you looked at the book “Colour by Design” by Nori and Sandra Pope? Its probably in your local library. Beautiful book about gardening with LOTS of colour (red cover by the way 😉 I love your photo of the colourful mushroom. Let me know if you’d be ok with me re-publishing that photo sometime – I’d clearly credit you and link back!

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  4. My favorite red flower? I really do not know. I do not have a favorite. White is my favorite color, but I do not even have a favorite white flower! I think that my favorite red flowers would be a rhododendron, but only because I used to grow them, and will get back to growing them someday.

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      1. Thank you. ❤ I truly appreciate that. I’ll be around a little more. It’s wildflower time here. Wildflower hunting is therapeutic but sharing the joy is even better.

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