There are days where hard physical work is a godsend to keep my mind away from difficult thoughts (Don’t you just love depression … And yes that was a bitter sarcastic tone you heard).116

And then there are bad days. Mental illness doesn’t always visit alone. Sometimes it has company. My depression has a companion called autoimmune arthritis. I don’t like either of them very much.

What has this got to do with treasure?

On days where I’m in pain and feeling low I have a choice. Let the hopelessness bury me. Or allow myself be human and be kind to myself. Yes I am faulty. Flawed. Weak. Hurting. Lazy. Uninspired. Self absorbed. But aren’t all people at some point?

So I pamper myself with a treasure hunt. Do you work away in the garden and miss the little things sometimes? I do.

Feeling sick is a wonderful reason to take time to enjoy your garden. Go for a very slow wander and inspect all the plants. Search for flowers and mushrooms and all of the things that on busy days you may miss.

The first of the tiny orchids. This flower is only about 1cm across! I love searching for treasure.


On bad days it helps to slow down and make time for yourself. Be gentle and forgiving to yourself as best you can. And focus on tomorrow being a new day to try again.

After all you never know what treasures are waiting in your future…

Today the sun came out for me. My meds began to work ever so slightly. I could breathe. My friend and her kids came with us to our block of land. The joy of a road trip with friends. No rush. Nothing fancy just enjoying a happy moment.

And then we stopped the cars…. What on earth is that? Walked for a closer look…

A curious “lump” in the middle of a road. We stopped to check. An Echinda!!

This is only the second Echinda I have seen in 33 years of life. None of the kids had seen one before. I went to scoop him off the road thinking a car had clipped him and off he waddled! I had no idea Echidna could waddle so fast!

How we laughed. The kids peered out the windows and demanded to know why this was not a hedgehog. 20180621_120516_hdr.jpg

These moments make it all worthwhile. Treasure. Just waiting for us all to stop a while and look for it.

When is the last time you searched for treasure?


9 thoughts on “Do you make time to search for treasure?

  1. Lovely post, Nat. What a treasure! I love this concept of treasure-hunting. I guess that’s what I’m doing every time I go into the garden… ❤️🌈

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  2. I don’t think anyone should apologise for exercising a little bit of self-compassion now and again, it’s all too easy to beat ourselves up. I love the idea of little treasures, it’s those small delights and moments that are so precious. Actually, your brilliant echidna pics have made me smile by bringing back a childhood memory: I remember going home to school and telling my bemused parents that I had been learning all about an animal called and e-kidney (I was only four at the time so could be forgiven). Those poor creatures have been e-kidneys ever since . . . 🙂

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    1. Hehehehe I have to admit when I first got out to check and it moved I jumped a bit. Pretty silly it was more scared of me than anything. I wish I could upload a video it was so cute. I couldn’t get a pic of it’s snout every time I tried it curled up defensive so I let it be.

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