Hello fellow gardeners (non gardeners are welcome too though!).

It is THAT time again… Time to head on over to The Propagator’s blog and check out all the links to gardens and the six things each blogger chose from their garden to share. Bliss!


Well here are my Six for Saturday…

1 . Agonis flexuosa seedlings in their lazy animal guard. These trees will grow quickly to about 10m so this is just a temporary fix.

A very very lazy kangaroo proofing method. Milk crate with a heavy rock on top.

2. Zamia palms (Macrozamia riedlei) are looking pretty spectacular this time of year.Β 20180603_155141_HDR

3. Cutting grown Bougainvilleas. Perth WA seems to have ‘Bougs’ everywhere. They are so easy to propagate too! I’ve had the best success with semi hardwood cuttings.

4. A pitiful looking experiment…

Richardella dulcifica (Synsepalum dulcificum) otherwise known as the Miracle Fruit. The miracle is apparently the berries make sour things taste sweet. My father in law bought three plants. I have one in a pot and one in the ground. They both look unhappy but no surprise given their preferred climate. I use the local rare fruit club website a lot to give me an idea if I have a remote chance of getting unusual plants to live.Β  http://www.rarefruitclub.org.au

5. Another lovely sundew with lots of dew in the morning. This one changes to red in the colder weather and has little white flowers.20180615_095321_Burst01.jpg

The same plant on a bushwalk recently. Higher up and more exposed to cold air it is red. This one is in flower.

6. Cutting grown Natal Plum (Carissa macrocarpa). On a trip to the zoo my son picked up a small piece to toy with. At home I decided why not? Trimmed it and used a rooting hormone not expecting much. Surprisingly it took. So now I have a baby to nurture until it is big enough to snip more cuttings.Β 20180609_160306_HDR

And that’s my garden for today. I can’t wait to dive into everyone else’s gardens!

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Your first photo looked a little like the tardis – that would get my eldest daughter interested in gardening! Those sundews are just lovely. All good gardeners have a few pitiful experiments to their credit. It’s not a gardening season unless you have a pitiful experiment somewhere in the garden!

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    1. Hehe Dr Who in my garden…. Actually the town has an old red phone box too which we have joked looks like it belongs to the Doctor too 😊.


  2. Now see, this is why Six on Saturday is so awesome (even I do say so myself). I would not have known how best to protect a sapling from the local kangaroos! Now I do. They’re quite, um, rare round these parts, but you just can’t be too careful!

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    1. Count yourself lucky. Roos are a pain in the bum. They don’t just nibble they eat the whole bloody thing. Two lots of fencing and barbed wire has helped. The crates do help with the rabbits and to deter the odd tresspassing roo sigh.

      Bad luck about your blades for the mower arrgh! No chance of an exchange even if they won’t refund?


  3. Goodness, you have such interesting plants. I had to look some up! Love the kangaroo proof tree guards, why didn’t we think of that when we needed them? Terrific six!

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    1. Thanks 😊 I find the same looking at other’s sixes. There are all sorts of plants that just need too much water to live here or would get cooked in the 40+ degree Celsius summer. Any more rain come your way yet? We’re looking forward to Tuesday 60mm expected wooohoooo 😊.


      1. Good luck, I hope you get that rain. It’s horrible here today: only a top of 9 and rain, but not much.

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    1. Hehe slugs and snails are still a pain though. Do you make beer traps for them in your part of the world? Loved your six by the way.


  4. Such a nice visit to your garden down under. The bougainvillea help me remember years spent in hot Southern California with those spilling from gardens everywhere. Such a glorious sight. Yours are bound to succeed.

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    1. We share a very similar climate to California actually so that makes sense! They grow well here. A neighbour lets them get out of control to sacrifice some of the boug to the frost and then cuts them back hard mid spring. Thanks for replying it is such a pleasant feeling.

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    1. They are a local native plant here and only about 5cm in diameter. Western Australia has some really lovely native plants. I’m holding off (impatiently) from taking a photo of my red leschenaultia for you all. It has flower buds 😊😊😊 so soon! Will have to put a milk crate over it so the rabbits don’t eat the flowers like last year. Did you do a six on Sat today?

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  5. Some really unusual plants there, the palm looks delightful with the sun coming through it. Love your kangaroo guard hope they don’t work out how to dislodge the stone and kick the crate over..

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    1. Haha yeah they will if they really want to eat it. But this time of year there is lots of fresh green nibblies for the roos. They tend to force their way in during summer when they’re hungry.

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  6. I am sorry that I have somehow been missing yours.
    I have never been able to grow bougainvilleas from cuttings! I have not grown many anyway, so would just as easily purchase them from a nursery. The common ‘Barbara Karst’ is still my favorite.

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    1. Hi Tony and welcome. The more the merrier regardless of when you join in 😊. The first lot of bougs I did failed badly so the next lot I tried semi hardwood cuttings without trimming off the softwood tips. The softwood wilted and died off but for some reason those ones took so much better. Always worth a go? I loved your SOS with all the multicoloured petunias. Do you have a favourite?

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      1. White! White is almost always my favorite, except for flowers that excel in other colors, such as bougainvillea. ‘Barbara Karst’ is the best color for bougainvillea. White bougainvillea is rather bland.

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  7. I will have to scrounge up a photo of our old house. I planted a white bouganvillea hedge (and yes that damned thing took a lot of work to keep as a neat hedge haha). It did make me look at white bougs a different way though.
    Barbara Karst is a stunner but my favourite is the dark red one can never remember it’s name. The new leaves are a dark reddish colour too. White is your favourite… Mine is always red 😊.


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